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Jack Swart has over 20 years experience in all facets of cinematography, lighting, sound and editing and operates as part of a large crew or as a one man band.
He s
pent 6 months in Africa on Mad Max Fury Road and 2 years shooting travel docos all around Australia.
4K cinematography
Sony PMW F5 Cine Alta 4K Super 35 digital cinematography camera
Shooting in HD and 2K to 150fps and raw and up to 240fps
2 GoPro Hero 4 black, 4K microcams with Osmo style gymbal
Zeiss CP.2 PL prime lenses. 15mm, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm
TOKINA 11-16mm T3 PL zoom
RED 18-50mm T3 PL zoom, RED 50-150mm T3 PL zoom
Sony 18-252mm FZ zoom
7" Blackmagic on camera monitor/ProRes recorder and 7" HD wireless monitor
Miller Solo, carbon fibre tripod. 100mm bowl. 22cm to 187cm in height
GlideGear dolly with 6m of track, Edelkrone Slider Plus Pro 700mm
2 Sony ECM 77 wireless lapel mikes with camera mounted Wisycom stereo receiver
Hand mike, Audix hypercardiod boom mike
Arri 2K, 800w, 650w and 300w fresnels, Lowell soft lights and Dedos with dimmers
12v LED light panels plus gels, reflectors and on camera LED light
Subaru Forester AWD camera car
UHF walkie talkies
Sound recordist Todd Jacobs adds his Sound Devices 664, 12 channel mixer/recorder
with wireless timecode lock and roll
2 DPA 4071 mikes and 2 Sony ECM 77 wireless mikes with 3 stereo receivers
2 wireless MKH 416 booms and 2 Audix SCX One hypercardiod mikes
Four camera mounted UHF receivers for multi cam shoots

4K post production
DaVinci Resolve 14, Fusion 9, FCPX, Motion 5, NewBlue animated CG
Dual processor Mac Pro, 18TB RAID, TitanX 12GB graphics card, two 27" GUI monitors
Tangent Elements colour grading panel, Sony BVM-L230 HD reference monitor